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Gloria Coppola

Visionary, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Minister and Publisher.

My journey has lead me to my soul purpose, helping others heal and reaching their potential. It's been a journey of love, hardships, insights and awakening and as a result led me to this moment in time that we connect to raise the consciousness on this planet.

It was in a dream that the calling to create Powerful Potential and Purpose was gifted to me . I believe in divine guidance and embarked upon this journey which has been part of my soul blueprint my entire life.  You see, as a child I loved to write and in High School I was an award winning poet, scholarship recipient and editor of our literary magazine. I went on to be a monthly featured writer for several holistic magazines for decades, an award winning international educator and a  featured writer in local newspapers as well a featured host on multiple podcasts shows. When I authored my first book Both Ends of the Rainbow and held it in my hand, I knew there would be much more than I could understand. A magical phone call from Hay House Radio, featured me several years ago on their radio show and the rest has been history. Now with over 4 decades of experience and inspiration through my life path, travels and coaching, I have made the decision to help you bring your written word to help those that need your story in this world.

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Candy Lyn Thomen


Visionary Intuitive Artist

Graphic Designer


Creative Goddess

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Bonnie Bonadeo





Audience Influencer

Since I was a child creativity has been calling me to make beautiful things, no matter what they are. My creative repertoire is vast, including drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, jewelry, woodworking... the list goes on. Creative writing and poetry was an important emotional outlet for me all through school. When I realized I was trying to paint pictures with words, I stepped away from my typewriter and picked up a pencil and then a paint brush. Black and white drawing and gouache are my preferred medium. In high school I knew that I had to include art in my professional life, so I went to school and became a graphic designer. Twenty-six years later and I'm still designing. I love helping people bring their vision to life, be it as a logo or the cover design and layout for their book.  Through my gifts as an intuitive and empath, I am able to connect with your vision and your energy to create a design that embodies your dream and is something you LOVE! 

Bonnie is known as The Connection Coach plus Founder of The Beauty Agent Network Speaker –Educator Resource, The Education Agents and, Coach & Speaker, and Syndicated Host and Audio Influencer BEaUty Inside and Out, BEaUtiful Brands Inside and Out plus, 6x International Best-Selling Author.

Bonnie focuses on the people part of leadership, personal branding and public speaking.  By eliminating “overused and overrated techniques” and layers of “how to’s” she coaches others to uncover and discover their greatness and what is takes to elicit greatness in others.  She has trained and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and C- Suite Leaders to be better speakers and build a strong personal and company brand.  

Bonnie speaks authentically on her struggles and successes as a person, leader, speaker and entrepreneur to foster growth and awareness in others. She is the essence of being the beauty agent and of her brand which is all about Connecting You to You!

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