Explore ~ Develop ~ Create

A writer's retreat

North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains are calling

Write your heart out ~ Allow your divine qualities to emerge
Whether the focus is on a memoir, fiction or non-fiction writing, poetry or prose, this retreat
provides an opportunity to create the time and space to concentrate on writing.
Prior to the retreat,
each participant will be invited to submit a piece of writing, along with an outline of individual aims for the week.

If you want to build your confidence and develop your creativity, this is for you?



The provision of a supported environment in peaceful and beautiful locations allows writers the freedom to explore creatively the craft, structure, and narrative of
their writing and develop
their individual voice.



Whether or not writers want to pursue publication, this retreat can provide either the first step into a committed writing practice or a final push to completion. At all times the focus is on individual development, led by an experienced, published writer and facilitator.



The retreat offers a creative space for a concentrated daily writing practice, suggested writing tasks and one-to-one consultations, plus group opportunities to share and discuss writing development.

I'm afraid no one would be interested in my story 

What if they love it?

  1. 4 full days  of inspiration, encouragement, and writing tips

  2. Everyone has a story that needs to be told and someone is waiting for yours

  3. Simple steps to get you started without a doubt, it will be fun

  4. Cultivate good writing habits

  5. Become clear on what you want to say 

  6. Receive invaluable feedback on some of your own work-in-progress from a #1 best-selling author and our like-minded group of participants

  7. Develop confidence in your unique expression

  8. Writing prompts that bring you to the present moment of expression

  9. Relieve stress and worry about what others think

  10. Remove writing blocks through movement and healing

  11. Acquire writing skills that could be applied to other specialized areas such as food writing, travel writing 

Welcome to the Writers' Circle

I need encouragement and guidance 

What would happen if you believed in yourself?

  • Release limiting beliefs and blocks
  • Stay focused on your objectives
  • Overcome challenges that interfere with your writing process
  • Reach your goal with daily accountability
  • Stay in momentum and be encouraged
  • One on One session takes you to new heights
  • Facebook Group in our Future Writers Group

How will you feel when you complete your writing and become a published author?


 Switzerland Inn

Little Switzerland, North Carolina

May 23-28, 2021

4 days/5 nights at the Switzerland Inn~ 

New writers and those working on projects are welcomed

Embraced by the Blue Ridge Mountains, mother nature will energize,

motivate and create balance.


May 23rd-28th, 2021

Choose the room and budget of your choice at the Switzerland Inn

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." - Anaïs Nin

What's included


4 days of inspiration

Arrive Day May 23rd

  • 7 pm Meet and greet in the evening

  • Welcome gift 

May 24th - Day 1 Daily creative practices so you write every day 

  • Intentional meditation

  • Share your goals 

  • Bring your writing

  • How to outline your work 

  • Staying motivated & Passionate

  • Basic writing tools and tips - Character development, pacing your story, question and answer

  • Movement exercise

  • Personal writing time

  • Accountability buddy

  • Share time - feedback


May 25th- Day 2

  • Removing writing blocks through movement and breathwork

  • Breathless writing in nature (weather permitting)

  • Lunch included today (walk to the waterfall)

  • Private 1:1 Sessions and group feedback, each day

  • Writing prompts in different genre and tips for structure etc.

  • Review writing - Question & Answer


May 26th - Day 3

  • Color Healing and watercolor class

  • Personal Writing time  - stretch your wings and write about something different - Be free and easy in your writing

  • Share writing with accountability buddy - provide feedback

  • 1:1 sessions scheduled

  • Relax in nature, take a hike. Time to explore and develop your craft.

  • Share something you wrote for group feedback

  • Group Dinner 

May 27th - Day 4

  • Finish working on your chapter etc.

  • 1:1 sessions scheduled

  • Group lunch - round table discussion

  • TBD depending on the group requests

Prior to the retreat, each participant will be invited to submit a piece of writing along with an outline of their individual aims for the week, in order to develop, extend or problem solve some aspect of their writing practice.

This is everything I desire ~ I am signing up now ~ Count me in!

Your Host


Gloria Coppola, 

Visionary, #1 best-selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Minister, Publisher, and educator for three decades.

My journey has lead me to my soul purpose, helping others heal and reaching their potential. It's been a journey of love, hardships, insights, and awakening and as a result, led me to this moment in time that we connect to raise the consciousness on this planet.

It was in a dream that the calling to create Powerful Potential and Purpose was gifted to me.  Realigning one path, of life/health coaching to deeper healing through writing. 

I believe in divine guidance and embarked upon this journey which has been part of my soul blueprint my entire life.  You see, as a child, I loved to write and in High School, I was an award-winning poet, scholarship recipient, and editor of our literary magazine.


I went on to be a monthly featured writer for several holistic magazines for decades, an award-winning international educator, and a featured writer in local newspapers as well a featured host on multiple podcast shows.


When I authored my first book Both Ends of the Rainbow and held it in my hand, I knew there would be much more than I could understand. A magical phone call from Hay House Radio featured me several years ago on their radio show and the rest has been history.


Now with over 4 decades of experience and inspiration through my life path, travels and coaching, I have made the decision to help you bring your written word to help those that need your story in this world. 


In 2020 Powerful potential and purpose publishing produced 3 collaborative books of 30 authors that all went #1 best seller. In addition, we supported 4 authors to publish their solo books which also all went best seller. It is the intention and mission to align with heart-centered entrepreneurs and spiritual beings who desire to live their purpose their voice and words.

January 2021, Relevant Rambles, musings of a Methodist preacher in recovery went #1 best seller. The author, Chuck Moon had a dream to publish his works and died in March 2020. 


Let's make you dream a reality! 

My Promise to You

You will experience your life through exploration and a journey that captures your heart and soul in a magical way through adventures in nature.

 I guarantee you will be writing your memoirs or experiences from a world of pleasure, imagination, and deeper purpose.

I will be supporting you, coaching you and helping you gain the confidence to complete a new chapter of your life.

It will prompt future adventures, insights and gifts you bring to the world.

I promise this investment will enhance your life in ways you have never imagined.

Perhaps you will even write a best selling book!

Guest Presenter

Anna Champagne is a Fiber Artist, Designer, Color Healer, and Creator of
Color Healing for a Vibrant Abundant Life energy healing system for deep
transformation and emotional wellbeing. She is the owner of A Path of
Beauty and Anna Champagne Silks, creating vibrant and luxurious silk
scarves, shawls, throws, and custom fabrics, designed and hand painted
one-at-a-time with dyes in beautiful uplifting colors.

Anna has a gift for assisting others in remembering their innate joy and
connection with their Divine Self, to live empowered lives of love, peace,
beauty, and vibrant health. During this retreat, she will be offering color
healing, meditation, movement, and watercolor to open the channel of your divine qualities, inspiration, and creativity.

Anna has degrees in Textiles and Interior Design and has trained
extensively in the holistic healing field, is an Emotion Code Practitioner,
certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, and has studied with Dr. Jacob Liberman, Dr Bradley Nelson, Judith Kravitz, Byron Katie, and many

She enriches people’s lives with her color healing silks, healing sessions,
Color Healing courses, and inspirational writings. Her article, “Color Healing with the Angels and Divine Wisdom” was published in Energy Magazine.

"A Path of Beauty is a journey through life, the grandest, most beautiful, vibrant life that we can create.
It is one of inspiration, beauty, joy, vibrant health and wellbeing, peacefulness, creativity, connection, and movement.
Being the Divine...here on Earth". Anna Champagne