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Have you printed a forest-worth of pages or scrolled until your fingers are numb and your eyes are bloodshot, just looking for what’s right and what’s wrong with your work-in-progress?

Are you second-guessing yourself each time you dive back into your story?

Maybe you don’t even want to look at it anymore because the process of revision is so frustrating?


Group Writing Coaching Program

Build Your Confidence 


10 days to prepare and get organized with your story development editing coach.

Includes a private coaching session, a review of any work you started,

and a group zoom meeting. Question and Answers

Learn to quickly identify what is working and what is not.

A mentor who cares and will guide you through the whole process


90 days includes

* 2 zoom webinars monthly  (2 hrs each) = 12 hrs of training

* 1 personal hour coaching session each month.  I will review your chapter after I make edits/revisions we will do a video chat. 

* Speed up your writing and editing process

* Master mind accountability partner

* FaceBook group support and motivation


Receive feedback from other writer's in the group. Insights and suggestions.

Grow confidence in your writing

Develop your fiction or non-fiction book

Theory is good but practical examples are better.

Learn engaging techniques to keep your reader interested

You will be able to see your writing in a new and deeper way.

You'll understand the art of writing and story crafting like never before.




Intentional Writing Journal PDF to keep you motivated and on task 

1 Free Line editing session (up to 3000) words . This is a sampling of the next type of line /copy editing to be done after we develop your story/book

1 Additional Final coaching session for a total of 5 Private 1:1 sessions

Unlimited access to the Facebook Master Mind Group

2 FREE Develop your Character coaching sessions with our team 

30% off additional private coaching sessions

A $8000 valuable developmental editing and coaching opportunity being offered for limited time at
Begins NOW!  Write your manuscript by the summer!
ADDITIONAL FREE Webinar on Publishing your book
once the program is completed

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Gloria Coppola, Best selling author, life coach, story development editing coach, International speaker, and an award-winning educator.

With almost 4 decades of professional writing as a featured journalist for several holistic magazines, Gloria received a call to help others bring their messages to the world.  

As an intuitive empath, she brings depth to the stories of others that create impactful messages to the world. Her imagination and creative arts contributes to her ability to work with fiction writers as well.

After leaving her holistic healing arts and closing her private practice, her retreats around the world inspired many to pursue their purpose.

Her passion and mission is to work along with spiritually aligned, heart-centered individuals who feel compelled to help just one person in the world - which will help many.

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