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What Our Authors Are Saying

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Women Standing Strong Together

"Coaching with Gloria J Coppola, the visionary of this project was insightful for my own journey. She listened for those nuggets and helped me see the patterns that would tie my significant events together. She is a pro and her coaching made all the difference in how my story will help others heal! ~ Marianne St Clair

"I’ve known Gloria Coppola for many years now. Her kindness and integrity are remarkable. 
I’m grateful to the core to her for helping me with her tailored made coaching skills. Gloria was able to hone in on the areas where I needed the most direction, helped me focus and reminded me of my strengths which inspired me immensely. She is professional and dedicated to achieving the highest outcome for her clients, along with her team of experts. When she worked along with me, it felt heart-centered and her intuitive guidance was appreciated as well. ~ Deborah Finley


"Working along with this team helped me to open myself up to a more creative way by submitting my story in the form of poems.  Gloria helped me become comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone and allowed me to express from my heart. Through this encouragement, I did not worry about what how I wrote and it eliminated a frustrating process and it became a more enjoyable achievement." Angela Taul-Jones

What Our Readers Are Saying

The Power Within “ is a testament to the strength one can find even when one doesn’t know it’s there. Christine Catoggio vividly paints a picture of the moment in her life when the ground disappears from under her feet and she realizes she has the ability to fly above her situation, on her own. A powerful inspiration for people who are dealing with a “dark night of the soul.” wait is over. 

Lori Kerce



 Surrendering to the Divine Plan by Deborah Marino-Finley addresses the possibility for all of us to find


our way from a dark place, through observation and openness for the Divine orchestration of our life,


especially when we realize life is bigger than ourselves. Her story is a great road map for personal and


emotional growth.

Terry D Jackson

Trusting our intuition, innate "knowing" as Gloria Coppola did in Shattered Pieces gives hope to us all to do the same. This is an profound, encouraging and heartwarming example of what happens when we trust and believe in ourselves and the power we have within. Shattered Pieces clearly shows us by becoming aware of one's treasured gifts, the innate "knowing", intuition within, and to utilize these gifts, will transform our lives to levels we have never seen before.Gloria trusted her gifts so much so, she went all in. Severing the ties of her past to seek the truth, develop her gifts, and share those gifts, to benefit humanity.
Robert Crown, author Suffering ends when Awakening Begins


Angela Jones-Taul's honest journey of embracing her shadows and allowing her light to shine bright is a testimony to her courage and inner strength. Whisper's from an Angel is a story of self recognition and acceptance that we can all find a bit of our self within. I especially love the poems that recall her journey so eloquently. Beautiful Goddess!

Dixie Chamness

 "Women Standing Strong Together is an inspiring collection of stories from women who have battled adversity in their lives and emerged stronger as a result. I admire these authors who demonstrated true bravery in telling their truth. Each story is as unique as the woman writing it, which makes for a fascinating and compelling read from start to finish."

Gloria Grace Rand

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