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Awakening Consciousness

Gloria Coppola specializes in assisting others to find their true purpose. Her personal experiences led her on an inner spiritual journey and provided her the ability to engage and empathize with those who have lost hope and faith.

Gloria is a visionary, an award winning author and educator and an international professional life & health coach. She received a humanitarian award for  her non profit services with the massage community and has been a featured writer for various holistic magazines. 

Working along with shaman, kahuna and her mentor Bob Proctor, Gloria learned more about her true soul's purpose and unique gifts. 

Her love for travel inspired her fictional novel "Too Many Goodbyes", and she offers annual writing retreats that immerse participants in the senses of each culture they visit.

About Too Many Goodbyes

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At some point in our spiritual journey, everyone one will encounter the idea of becoming worthy and improving oneself.
A feisty young adult Lexi, travels to find her purpose and encounters more than she imagined.

The story was inspired by Gloria's own life and takes the reader on a journey to find their purpose, heal their heart and provide a plot twist or 2.

It begins in Rome, when she reflects upon her earlier days. Did she miss an opportunity or make mistakes?

Rodine Isfeld , amazing artist, awesome cheerleader and manuscript previewer for Too Many Goodbyes.

"Alexandra is beguiling and captivating, but there is more to her than beauty and charm! She is also deeply connected to her spirituality, and her willingness to trust her intuition and follow her heart has taken her on adventures around the world!

Whether in the magnificent cities of Paris and Rome or the topical paradise of St. Lucia, her quest for her truth, deeper spiritual understanding and her soul mate create a life that is rich and full of lessons and experiences that will capture your heart!

This is a novel that offers heart stopping moments, deep life lessons and the enchantment of a quest for true love. With jaunts from present to past, you will be drawn into Lexi's life and find yourself unable to put this book down."

Thank you Sandra Strauss  

Too Many Goodbyes captures the spirit of Lexi, a woman committed to self-actualized living, and the adventures she forever creates with her heart’s desires fueling her life trajectory. She is driven to experience the call of her spirit, refusing to settle for anything less than the calling of her heart. Her journeys take her to romantic destinations of Paris, Italy, St. Lucia, to mystical Peru and other global destinations.

While her heart leads the way, Lexi also receives guidance from ongoing mystical connections reinforcing her to trust in the process leading her to desired destinies. Too Many Goodbyes is a celebration of intention and synchronicities which yield endless gifts for Lexi’s self-actualized heart.

Sandra Strauss,

Author, A Toxic Brain: Revelations from a Health Journey

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