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The Path of Awakening
A Healing Journey


ISBN 978-1734965506

The path to higher consciousness can present many challenges and lessons in our lives. Are we attracting the situations or are we meant to experience them to help others?


Grief, depression, toxic relationships, old belief systems and religious dogmas can all cause us to spiral down a funnel of despair. Regardless of the challenge, we can make the choice to rise up. By going inward to find our light, to walk our spiritual journey we can, like the phoenix rising out of the ashes, gain the courage to embrace new insights, greater faith and rise up.


Each author in The Path of Awakening – A Healing Journey has presented a story of hope to guide you to your creative essence, your soul purpose and to heal your life.

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Women Standing Strong Together
Stories of Surrendering to Your Authentic Self


ISBN 978-1671987289

Life will always bring us experiences and uncertainty. In this book, twelve women expose their vulnerability, their pain, their truth and insights that led to the courage it has taken to go from the depths of their most difficult emotions - fear, grief and heartbreak - to finding their authentic place in the world.

Women Standing Strong Together is about finding that powerful place within; our strength from our life experiences. It's about courage in a world where we feel not good enough and giving ourselves the permission to examine our lives, become uncomfortable and step into the fire to grow stronger. The shattered pieces in our lives create the magic that waits for us to claim our power within. When we allow ourselves to surrender to the divine plan great things are illuminated before us and our path becomes clear, we climb higher and our goddess emerges.

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You, Were Born to Love
Living a Life with Purpose


A manual, and workbook, designed to be a tool for inspiration and support in clarifying and achieving a life you LOVE!

Contained within the pages are exercises, journal prompts, coloring pages, diagrams and instruction all geared towards helping you define, clarify and take the steps towards creating and living a life that brings you joy, fills you with purpose and brings you more of what you love.

Originally designed as a companion workbook to the authors live coaching program, it can also be used as a stand alone publication to help you move forward in your life.

Getting Started ~ A Healthier Lifestyle


Making Lifestyle changes easy through understanding nutrition, stress reduction and healthy meal options

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Both Ends of the Rainbow
Lomilomi ~ Hawaiian Healing


This book is both a personal sharing of spiritual healing and an introduction to the Hawaiian lomilomi path. It will inspire you to explore, and live the deep and profound teachings found in ancient Hawaiian wisdom.

Both Ends of the Rainbow is a sacred gift to the world! This is a blessing of Hawaiian wisdom handed down through the ages by the Hawaiian elders with whom she has trained, and imbued it with her own magic elixir of aloha. It has the ability to affect change on a global level by opening the portal to forgiveness, release, and unconditional aloha.

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The Path of Awakening, A Healing Journey

ISBN - 978-1734965551


How often have you thought I don’t fit in, why is my life so bad, I must be crazy? Dare you question your religious upbringing or why bad things happen? Have you been told or felt a demon lives within you? Are you about to make a big choice in life, but perhaps you are afraid? Has your child ever made you cry, shocked you or even told you they are transgender?

Each story provides an opportunity for the reader to understand what an awakening is in life and how others had a breakthrough with their challenges:

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Reflections of an angel

ISBN - 978-1734965520


When a child experiences a life that brings trauma and abuse how can they grow up to be compassionate and whole? Will life be numbed by opioids to survive, only to one day be faced with a decision? The author shares her very authentic emotions about substance abuse, being raised by an alcoholic parent, drowning in toxic relationships and grieving the loss of her only child. If you believe in angels, Dora surely has had her share helping her to  survive. Her instant fix and solution,  is part of the paradigm of our social behavior. We are missing out on the joy from within as Dora realized the day she woke up.  Her human experience is one of many that borders on the treacherous line of the crisis of addiction.  Compelling, impactful and inspirational

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The Heart of Compassion

ISBN - 978-1734965544


Have you lost a loved one and feel their presence? Do you see signs from those that have passed on wondering if they are your angel guide? Deborah Finley, evidential medium, author, educator and mother of gifted children, answers the questions beyond the mystery of the after life. Aspiring Mediums will appreciate the glimpse of her own personal experiences. Deborah has the ability to revisit time and space and connect with loved ones.

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