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I delight in making people smile, inspiring their life journey and traveling the world.

Visionary, intuitive empath, award winning best seller, Inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame. I spent three decades serving as a holistic health practitioner and owner of a massage school.

During this time, I wrote for several magazines as a featured writer and created curriculums for many schools.

I became a naturopathic practitioner, certified health coach and life coach. I always enjoy helping people. A student of Bob Proctor for two decades, I learned to believe I can accomplish anything. Well, I always knew it on some level.

When I heard the calling to create a collaborative book called "Women Standing Strong Together", I knew I had to listen. Once it was published and went #1 best seller, I heard 'You've only just begun'.   Herein, lies my journey.

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My Story

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I was a precocious and feisty young adult. Born and raised in New York City, mom determined I needed a school of etiquette when I was a freshman. That should tell you something about me. 

Writing was always my emotional and creative outlet. I remember having a notebook with me around eight years old, sitting in back of the car scribbling about anything and everything.

As a little girl, I adored traveling. If my aunts mentioned they were going some where I would run and get my clothes. Often, I was allowed to join them.

At the age of 17, where the story begins, my own journey also started when I wanted to visit Italy. Of course, no one was going to pay for it so I set out on a mission to make it happen.

Lexi, my main character in my first fictional novel "Too Many Goodbyes", was created through me and my adventures. Her birth name is Alexandra, however, it took her many years to own the sophistication of her name.

In this book you will learn about me through Lexi. Many of the adventures are based on my personal experiences, of course often embellished.  The losses and goodbyes in life taught me many valuable lessons and the intuitive sense I have in real life, is always given to Lexi. She is quite the character and I hope you enjoy the story. 

Please remember to kindly leave a review so others may appreciate this adventure, as well.  Anyone who enjoys a little romance, travel adventures and life lessons with a few twists, young or old, will have fun with Lexi.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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