Dream! Write! Publish!

Welcome to a virtual retreat

Where you get to the be author of your own life

I'm Gloria Coppola, your host 

and story guide

It's time to dream! 

Imagine we go to Italy

Your writing and creative potential is going to be developed during our 3 day Virtual Event!

If you have desired to visit Italy or want to go back - this will be a fun opportunity.


November 28-30, 2020 

Whether you're new to writing, or you have many publications, you are going to have fun fantasizing about a trip to Italy with us.

Let's see what unfolds! 

How far will your imagination go?  Let's find out together!

  •  Do you want to write fantasy, mystery, romance or something else?

  • Are you ready to dream and play?

  • Would you love to be more creative? 

  • Do you see the picture to the right? Imagine you just arrived here.

  • What do you think you might find here? Grab a bike and let's go exploring. Shall we ride down to the water?

  • Who would you meet?

  • Get your journal

  • Spend 5-10 minutes daily writing - just free flow - nothing specific. 

Time to Write!

3 Evenings of inspiration ~ Bring your Props

Do you need assistance with writing prompts? 

Would you like to learn how to develop your character?

Imagine writing a more engaging story that makes your reader feel like they are in a movie - would you like that?

Nov 28th

7pm - 9:00pm EST

  • Meet fellow writers on zoom

  • Time to dream and write

  • Creative writing outlet exercises and writing prompts will be provided by Gloria.

  • Imagine you arrived in Italy and it's your first day.

  • Who is the main character? Be anyone you desire.

  • How do you think you will feel?

  • What are you wearing?

  • What do you notice?

Nov 29th

7 pm -9:00 pm EST

  • Bring the scene to your reader

  • The fun continues with your props!

  • Bring a favorite beverage or dessert - Maybe a cannoli, gelato or cappuccino

  • You story begins at a restaurant. What type of restaurant? What kind of atmosphere?

  • How many people are with you or are you alone?

  • Do you smell the aroma of any specific foods?

Nov 30th

7pm - 9:00 pm EST

  • Bring some emotional excitement into your story. 

  • Who do you meet tonight?

  • Is it a dream date? A famous person? A relative? You decide.

  • Will you invite them to join you?

  • What will you say?

  • How does your day end?

  • Breakout session - share your story with your partner(s). 

  • Regroup and share the experience.


  • What you will get - 3 (2) hour trainings via Zoom - the link will be emailed

  • Writing Prompts - Creative Ideas - Fun Pretending you are in Italy with Gloria

  • Group Activity and PDF Download with all instructions

  • Create your own short story

  • BONUS - Free 30 Min. Coaching call with Gloria when you complete the retreat

That's me, Gloria! Excited! Can you tell? It was this very spot where everything 

was about to shift in my life.

One day I saw a picture of this beautiful lake and I knew in that moment I would be there, not really knowing why. I would soon discover a beautiful place called, Banff National Park in Canada. It was this very spot, Lake Louise which summoned me to align with my future and yours.

I have been writing for more than  40 years. Actually, if I am honest I had notebooks at the age of 10 with art and poetry.  I was the literary editor for the H.S. magazine and I took many classes in journalism and creative writing. I even won scholarship and awards for writing. However, no one encouraged me to pursue it as a career.

When the opportunity came to share a short story in a magazine many years ago, I was thrilled. Until, the dreaded moment the editor got hold of my 'wonderful' story. Soon, I would learn there was so much more to creating an engaging and compelling story.

Fast forward, I was a featured writer in several magazines for decades, a #1 best selling author and now publisher. I'm here to help you create and develop your story.

Let's have fun! I look forward to making this experience insightful and educational while bringing in some interesting ways of learning. Oh, Why Italy? I love Italy. It's FlavorFULL! I was supposed to be there this year hosting my authors retreat - well you know what happened? 

 Ciao - See you on Zoom soon!

OH WAIT - one more thing!

It's time to publish

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