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Image by Karsten Winegeart
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I'm Gloria Coppola, your host 

and story guide

Welcome to a virtual  writing retreat with

a Hawaiian Theme

Do you have difficulty expressing yourself?

Take a journey with me in Hawaii and experience how to express the senses and develop your writing skills.

Feel more confident in

using new adjectives.

Learn about the Hawaiian culture too!

Image by Nicky Somers

Aloha ~ Grab your ticket!

Have you ever wanted to go toHawaii?!

Do you like to write about your travel adventures?

Would you like to experience paradise?

I've got a FREE ticket for you 

Would you like to learn how to engage your senses in your writing?

Best-selling authors say you should use the senses so the reader feels and connects with your story.

Let's use our imagination! 

April 23rd - 25th, 2021

Ticketes available below

Dream! Write! Publish!

Image by Fiona Smallwood

April 23rd

11am- noon EST

  • Meet fellow writers on Kauai via zoom

  • Using our imagination we will describe scents of flowers and fruits

  • Creative writing outlet exercises and writing prompts will be provided by Gloria.

  • You can start by creating a simple poem

  • Learn how to use adjectives that heighten the senses

  • Share your writing with each other

  • Learn some Hawaiian culture

Image by pisauikan

April 24th

11am to noon EST

  • Imagine you are at a luau

  • Experience the hula movements - yes get up a dance

  • Learn about their staple foods and let's describe how food touches our lips, tongues and smells

  • Imagine a cultural experience making poi with the elders

  • Write a few paragraphs about your experience

  • Share

Image by Alexandra Tran

April 25th

11am to noon EST

  • Tour the island of Kauai (virtually of course)

  • Visit waterfalls

  • Learn about the sacred valley

  • Drive to Waimea Canyon 

  • Learn about the sacred sites

  • Practice writing about each site using the senses, sight, feeling, etc.

  • Share your short story

Make your story come alive!

Image by pisauikan
Image by pisauikan
Image by pisauikan

3 days of sharing the Aloha Spirit and

Some of the Ancient Culture

Have fun learning about some of their culture, including the meaning of A.L.O.H.A. and how words are important to them in all of life.

Travel with us to the Garden Island of Kauai. Where the flowers, fruits, and music will entice you into another world

Practice using more luscious and poetic words to write your story. Let the expression be felt by the reader.


  • What you will get - 3 (2) hour trainings via Zoom - the link will be emailed

  • Writing Prompts - Creative Ideas - Fun Pretending traveling

  • virtually to the Island of Kauai

  • Feedback on your writing

  • FaceBook Group

  • Create your own short story - Be confident in using your adjectives for expression that comes alive

  • Always a Prize at the end


I'm excited that you will be joining the Aloha virtual writers retreat.

gloria hula skirt sitting.jpg

That's me, Gloria! Sitting in the sacred space of a fascinating culture! Can you tell Hawaii changed my perception and opened a whole new world for me!

Yes this is me several years ago. While living on the island of Kauai, I spent 8 years learning about their culture and the healing arts.

This entire experience changed my perspective in life and led to publish a book called "Both ends of the rainbow"

I have been writing for more than  40 years. Actually, if I am honest I had notebooks at the age of 10 with art and poetry.  I was the literary editor for the H.S. magazine and I took many classes in journalism and creative writing. I even won scholarship and awards for writing. However, no one encouraged me to pursue it as a career.

When the opportunity came to share a short story in a magazine many years ago, I was thrilled. Until, the dreaded moment the editor got hold of my 'wonderful' story. Soon, I would learn there was so much more to creating an engaging and compelling story.

Fast forward, I was a featured writer in several magazines for decades, a #1 best selling author, and now publisher. I'm here to help you create and develop your story.

Let's have fun!  Hawaii truly does open your senses and your writing will become luscious. Words will express in a new way with deeper meaning.


Aloha - See you on Zoom soon!

OH WAIT - one more thing!

It's time to publish

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