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  • Receive (2) one hour personal 1:1 creative writing coaching sessions so your reader feels like they are in your storyLearn how to outline your story content to engage readers

  • 3,500 words to share your personalized story and message to the world

  • A beautifully custom-designed book cover representing our “themed” collaborative topic chosen by the publisher.

  • Interior layout and design

  • Includes a personal or favorite quote to introduce your chapter

  • Includes author bio with a professional photo (author provided) and contact information

  • Soft cover print format in standard size and eBook format uploaded to PPP Publishing Amazon account.

  • We search up to 10 categories along with the best keyword phrases and metadata tags

  • We write the best description so readers purchase the book. This is so very important. It seals the deal.

  • Full editing – we correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and proof read your final draft to help you get it polished like a diamond.

  • Promotional guidance and social media training tips including guidelines for creating a book ambassador launch team

  • You own 100% rights to your story

  • You purchase books directly through PPP Publishing at discounted prices so you can also sell your books directly. Order 1 or 100 - price is always the same discount for our authors plus shipping. 100% profits are yours. 

  • Over 80+ years experience with our team of experts

  • Personal and professional, our Powerful Potential and Purpose Publishing team is here to serve!

  • Author support through the entire process

Special Offering
Reg. Price $995

Why Collaborate?

  • A way to become a published author with a short story

  • More exposure for your message and business

  • Cost effective until you are ready for solo publishing

  • A team, your author's circle and our staff

  • An opportunity to speak at one of our author's conferences

  • Speaking Opportunities

  • Credibility as an author in your area of expertise

Opportunity is knocking!

What is your love story?

  • Do you have an amazing love story?

  • This collaborative book will be a collection of love stories by various authors. It isn't limited to or defined by the love between two people. Love is about so much more than that!

  • What are you passionate about in your life?

  • What about your self-love journey?

  • What inspires you and brings you joy?

  • Has love saved you? Made you a better person? Healed you?

  • These are the stories we desire to share with the world. You never know who needs to hear YOUR story!

Publish it in 2020!

The process is made easy!

  • Got an idea? Write it down!

  • Write a draft. Don't worry about punctuation and grammar. We have editors for that.

  • Submit it to our writing coach

  • Schedule a live 1:1 coaching session to review your idea and get suggestions

  • Join our FB author's family for support

  • Design and layout done by our graphic team

  • Learn how to create a book launch

  • Get a personal touch from our team that makes you feel special

  • Every step of the way we have your back!

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