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Your Host, Gloria Coppola

Gloria Coppola, Best Selling Author, award-winning educator, story development editing coach, and founder of Powerful Potential and Purpose Publishing. With over 3 decades of writing and publishing experience, she is living passionately by assisting you to become a best-selling author.
Gloria has been helping others her entire life as a former healing arts practitioner and owner of a holistic center. As a life coach she combines her tools  supporting writers to excel by capturing the essence of their story. 
When Gloria is not working, she is traveling with her dog and hosting retreat (well some work, but it's fun)

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Meet the professionals

Allie headshot.jpg
Allie Chick is a graphic designer with 13 years of experience ranging from book publishing to digital materials. She has worked with authors of children's books, spiritual stories, and cookbooks.
Her keen eye for layout and image choice offers a beautiful end product for the author and the reader. She has worked with clients with various backgrounds and an understanding of design principles.
When Allie is not busy designing, she enjoys riding her horses, playing with her three dogs, and spending time with her husband. 

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Food Photography

Tips for the best photo choices in your book

audrey headshot.jpg
Audrey Hodge, Copyeditor, has been a bookworm from a very young age, and as errors and inconsistencies seem to jump off the page at her, starting a book editing business seemed natural. She helps women authors get their books ready for publication without having to deal with the frustration and perfectionism that comes from self-editing for the umpteenth time.
She’s been told by clients—and her husband—that what they love about interacting with her is that she’s concise and straight-forward. When she’s not reading, she can be found out in the garden, taking a walk with her family, or trying out a new sewing or crochet project.

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12 things a copywriter looks for when editing your book

Image by Debby Hudson
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Wendy Strain is a ghostwriter, editor, writing consultant, and publisher with more than 20 years experience in the industry. She works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and consultants to capture their expertise and expand their message so they can succeed faster. By incorporating quality storytelling throughout your brand, your can attract your ideal clients more naturally, enjoy the process more thoroughly, and highlight your uniqueness more fully. 

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The 7 Story Types

Image by Heather Ford

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